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Helping people like this. It’s the best thing that could have happened to me. It gives me something, you know? A legacy. When I die I won’t just be Bruce Hendrie’s dead rich-kid son. I’ll be Leo Hendrie, the guy that got to make people happy before their time ran out. 

Lydia Martin + bangs up hairstyles


ignoring the fact that piper kerman identifies herself as bisexual so that you can drool about how “not everybody needs labels!!!!” is bisexual erasure, period

the label of “bisexual” needs support and visibility to lift the stigma surrounding bisexuality and to reinforce its legitimacy. don’t take that away from us just because you think it’s more poetic or philosophical or whatever to not have labels

teen wolf episodes:
                    3 x 0 1 :   t a t t o o .

"how do you deal with an alpha pack?"
"with all the help that i can get."